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What is the Bodrum - Cup?

The Bodrum Cup for wooden boats is the only yacht regatta in Europe (maybe even in the world) run with passengers on board, who, if-they wish, can double as crew.

The Belly Dance is definitely, a highlight in Turkey.

"Turkish Nights", in Bodrum always showcases Folkloric dances and the Belly Dance.

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With wooden gullets, blue voyages to the world's most beautiful coves of Aegean sea starts from Bodrum!

Beautiful wooden gullets sailing on turquoise blue waters of Bodrum-Image courtesy facebook groups of Bodrum Cup

Image courtesy facebook groups of Bodrum Cup

Beautiful wooden gullets sailing on turquoise blue waters of Bodrum

The Blue Voyage is one of exclusivity. The Aegean is renowned for having the most remarkable touristic and ancient sites in the world. It was at the beginning called the “Blue Road” by the many fishing, cargo and tradesmen of the sea. Via the contentment of the cruises, it is now renamed as “Blue Voyage” for its turquoise coastline. The Blue Voyage is the trendiest holiday to be had in Turkey. It covers so many places on one journey.

The Blue Voyage covers an enormous region. Because of that the tour operators divided the area into two. Only for the reason, the average holiday of one or two weeks would not cover such a large area. At the upper end Kusadasi in the Aegean Sea and on the other is Antalya in the Mediterranean Sea with 350 naval miles in between.

Clean waters of Agean sea - Image courtesy Turkish Tourism Board

Starting off your transfer from the airport and depending on your arrival points, you will be greeted on arrival by your captain, cook and crew. Normally including the captain they will be three or four. You will meet the other travelers on board, hold your first appearance and settle down. The accommodation is a regular assured twin or double cabin with shower and closet. Deciding which bed to be asleep is the only hard decision you’ll have to take.

In addition to the normal motives for travelling by boat, like swimming, sunbathing, eating, drinking and sleeping the remaining will be imprinted in your memoirs perpetually. Where in the planet the sky is as blue as the waters and the sun shines more that hundred and seventy days in a year? Where history goes as far back as 5,000 Centuries B.C.? Where you will be eating the tastiest banquettes?

The routes from Bodrum are infinite, but a characteristic route could take you throughout the Gulf of Gulluk to dozens of inhabited bays with fertile forests sliding into rocky seashores.  A few kilometers inland are the antique sites of Didyma and Lassos which you can visit. After that - Gokova it has several bays each offers their own ambiance they are busy and lively. Gokova has residues from the antique island city Keramos, with the main magnetism of Cleopatra’s shore. Sands of the beach are believed to have been brought from Egypt for Cleopatra and her lover Anthony. At the utmost south west of Gokova bay we can see the ruins of Knidos, once a great city of antique times.

A beautiful view of turquoise blue waters of Hisaronu-Image courtesy Turkish Tourism Board

Image courtesy Turkish Tourism Board

A beautiful view of turquoise blue waters of Hisaronu

Moving from one destination to the other you will see many secluded bays and deserted caves which you can enjoy swimming, snorkeling and water sports or fishing. When you arrive to Datca you can get your leg back to the ground. Datca is known to be one of three of the cleanest areas in the world. Datca is a quiet and scenic town and has lovely small restaurants, bars and shops.

Dalyan estuary ruins of Caunos- Image courtesy Turkish Tourism Board

After the bay of Hisaronuis the fashionable resort of Marmaris which has some of the biggest hotels and the marina in the Aegean. Along the beach of Iztuzu you will see the Loggerhead Turtle nests. At the Dalyan estuary you’ll see the well-known ruins of Caunos and mud baths and hot springs.

At the inlet of Fethiye you’ll see calm and intimate village of Gocek, well known for been the other starting point of Blue voyage. You can also many beautiful yachts in the harbor. Fethiye is a big town and has a busy harbor with many bays and islands surrounding it. At south of Fethiye you can rich to Dead Sea beautiful blue lagoon and nature and if you what to explore you will see Lycian ruins of Xanthos and Letoon .At the east small towns of Kalkan and Kas, both are very charming with paved roads, petite shops, restaurants and bars.

Kekova will be the next stop, to see the sunken city and an Ottoman fortress. The last stop is Antalya, biggest and most admired holiday resorts.

Blue Voyage will be the most pleasant, historical and pleasurable encounter you’ve ever experienced. Your captain and crew will do their topmost to ensure it is the wonderful holiday. Take pleasure in!



Some of the villages in the Bodrum Peninsula

Bodrum is an exceptionally fantastic place to visit. Ancient city of HalikarnassosBodrumBodrum is an exceptionally fantastic place in the Peninsula to visit.The Ancient city of Halikarnassos.
Bardakci is a superb quarter to make a visit.BardakciBardakci is a superb quarter to make a visit. Located in the Bodrum Peninsula, it is well known by clean water fountains
Gumbet is a supremely beutifull location to be.GumbetGumbet is a beautiful location to be. Whether it is something with the kids, shopping or nightlife, it is here.

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Bitez is a fantastical footing to explore.BitezBitez is a fantastical footing to explore. If you are looking for a comforting day by the sea you should not miss it..
Ortakent - Yahsi is a glorious ubiety to call upon.Ortakent - YahsiOrtakent - Yahsi is a glorious ubiety to call upon. It is the action centre presenting plenty of water sports.
Turgutreis is a slashing post to visit.TurgutreisThis maritime hamlet is called to honor a inborn son, the magisterial Osmanli Admiral Turgut Reis.

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