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What is the Bodrum - Cup?

The Bodrum Cup for wooden boats is the only yacht regatta in Europe (maybe even in the world) run with passengers on board, who, if-they wish, can double as crew.

The Belly Dance is definitely, a highlight in Turkey.

"Turkish Nights", in Bodrum always showcases Folkloric dances and the Belly Dance.

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Exploring Gumbet of the Bodrum Peninsula

Sunshine, coastline and nightlife

Gumbet is a supremely beutifull location to be.

Located in the Bodrum peninsula, Gumbet lies on south west of Bodrum. Gumbet is situated in the middle of Bardakci bay at east side and the Bitez at west side.

If you are coming to Gumbet from the main highway at your left side you can see the historic Mythos Gate.

Accommodation ranges from guest houses and apartments to luxury hotels. Some of the most well-known hotels of Turkey are placed in Gumbet Bay.

Transfers from the airport may take around 40 minutes. It is about 22 miles or 30 kilometer.

If you are leaving in Bodrum, you can take a Dolmush from main bus terminal and it is only 2 miles or 2 kilometers. Dolmushes leave for Bitez from Bodrum or to Bodrum from Bitez every 10-20 minutes.

You can also talk .It will not take you more then 30 minutes to get there. On you way to Gumbet you will pass by the Bardakci bay. When you clime the hill , if you just make left turn and walk about 150 meter ; On your left side you see the beautiful view of Bodrum city and the castle. On right side you will find the historical windmills.
Again on your side you will have panoramic view of Gumbet.

Gumbet named after Kumbet – a water cistern used in old days. There are many white - domed cisterns in the area. Walking down the hill to Gumbet you can see two of them.

During the summer times, those who travel by their car should be know that parking maybe a little problem in town center.

You can also rich to Gumbet by a regular Dolmush boat which takes of from Bodrum harbor.

Gumbet features one of the biggest and most fashionable beaches on the peninsula. The most accepted aqua sports centres on the Bodrum Peninsula are in Gümbet. It has ideal surroundings for windsurfing, parasailing and water skiing. There are many aqua sports facilities by the seaside.

The sea is very clean and warm and the shallows gradually slope from the shore, ideal for visitor with children. A cool gentle wind blows in from the opening of the bay even on the hottest days. Gumbet offers guests the opportunity to enjoy all the pleasures of the beach, the sea and the nightlife..

The beach is sandy, with plenty of sun loungers and umbrellas for sunbathe, There are places which you will have pay for the umbrellas and long deck chairs. But also there are places which you use their facilities in return for paying for your drinks and meals.

The shopping area in Gumbet is located in the centre around the hill it provides visitors with holiday essentials as well as clothing and jewelers. There are also many gift and souvenir shops selling a wide variety of goods. Remember that bartering is part of the shopping experience to be enjoyed in Bodrum Peninsula.

Gumbet has many fine restaurants serving a wide variety of food and catering for most tastes. The sea front restaurants are very nice and have a nice view. They are all waiting for you to surprise you with their fabulous meals.

Traditional Turkish foods areas very tasty and includes stuffed peppers and vine leaves, kebabs and of course feta cheese, olive and tomato salads.

The fame of Gumbet has been generated by the serious nightlife. The streets of Gumbet shake till sunrise with the music from several bars, discos and street side-cafe



Some of the villages in the Bodrum Peninsula

Bodrum is an exceptionally fantastic place to visit. Ancient city of HalikarnassosBodrumBodrum is an exceptionally fantastic place in the Peninsula to visit.The Ancient city of Halikarnassos.
Bardakci is a superb quarter to make a visit.BardakciBardakci is a superb quarter to make a visit. Located in the Bodrum Peninsula, it is well known by clean water fountains
Gumbet is a supremely beutifull location to be.GumbetGumbet is a beautiful location to be. Whether it is something with the kids, shopping or nightlife, it is here.

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Bitez is a fantastical footing to explore.BitezBitez is a fantastical footing to explore. If you are looking for a comforting day by the sea you should not miss it..
Ortakent - Yahsi is a glorious ubiety to call upon.Ortakent - YahsiOrtakent - Yahsi is a glorious ubiety to call upon. It is the action centre presenting plenty of water sports.
Turgutreis is a slashing post to visit.TurgutreisThis maritime hamlet is called to honor a inborn son, the magisterial Osmanli Admiral Turgut Reis.

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