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What is the Bodrum - Cup?

The Bodrum Cup for wooden boats is the only yacht regatta in Europe (maybe even in the world) run with passengers on board, who, if-they wish, can double as crew.

The Belly Dance is definitely, a highlight in Turkey.

"Turkish Nights", in Bodrum always showcases Folkloric dances and the Belly Dance.

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Ortakent - Yahsi

Yes, come and see what Bodrum has to offer us.

Ortakent - Yahsi is a glorious ubiety to call upon.Ortakent -Yahsi is a small town located at the west of Bodrum.  It is about seven km away from Bodrum city center. The distance to the sea is around 3 km. Able to maintain the old village properties. You get to the seaside from the thin path of greens. Dolmushes from Bodrum city center will bring you to Ortakent with in 10 to 15 minutes. Ortakent and Yahsi regions are divided into two by stream referred to as Uludere. Residents of the region provide their living by farming and tourism.

Ortakent - Yahsi serves as home to the visitors with its tangerine gardens and a sparkling blue sea.

Ortakent - Yahsi is famous with old stone houses dating from last century and wind mills.

Residents of town are still enduring many of their old traditions. One of these traditions is that Brides still continue to wear Bindallı. (Hand made dress prepared of red velvet) The old tradition of “Camel Wrestling" is also held in the region.

Accommodation in Ortakent - Yahsi ranges from guest houses and apartments to luxury hotels.

Transfers from the airport may take around 50 minutes. It is about 25 miles or 32 kilometer. There are many famous historical sites within a short distance of the Ortakent – Yahsi.

Those who travel by their car should not be bothered as there is plenty area for parking.

It has the delightful mixture of a beach alternative full of vacationer amenities.

Several other water sports operators are based in beaches of Ortakent – Yahsi. The beach is sandy, with plenty of sun loungers and umbrellas for sunbathe, There is no charge for the umbrellas and long deck chairs that cover the beach. You will only pay for what you have drunk or eat.



Some of the villages in the Bodrum Peninsula

Bodrum is an exceptionally fantastic place to visit. Ancient city of HalikarnassosBodrumBodrum is an exceptionally fantastic place in the Peninsula to visit.The Ancient city of Halikarnassos.
Bardakci is a superb quarter to make a visit.BardakciBardakci is a superb quarter to make a visit. Located in the Bodrum Peninsula, it is well known by clean water fountains
Gumbet is a supremely beutifull location to be.GumbetGumbet is a beautiful location to be. Whether it is something with the kids, shopping or nightlife, it is here.

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Bitez is a fantastical footing to explore.BitezBitez is a fantastical footing to explore. If you are looking for a comforting day by the sea you should not miss it..
Ortakent - Yahsi is a glorious ubiety to call upon.Ortakent - YahsiOrtakent - Yahsi is a glorious ubiety to call upon. It is the action centre presenting plenty of water sports.
Turgutreis is a slashing post to visit.TurgutreisThis maritime hamlet is called to honor a inborn son, the magisterial Osmanli Admiral Turgut Reis.

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